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Disney’s Puppets: Ex-Mouseketeers

14 Nov

The stars of Disney can many times be viewed as wholesome idols, especially when wearing purity rings and donating to animal charities. Not everything about them is obscene. What is imperative to understand when analyzing the image that Disney’s stars portray is that they are being obsessed over by young teens and tweens, who are willing to do anything to be just like their favorite Disney gal. The mishaps of these Disney starlets have been exhausted by the media and blogs everywhere, but cage and pole-dancing, drugs, alcohol and stripping may be a quick reminder of where these Disney stars have made their ‘mistakes’. Disney did not always endorse such hypersexual images of their young starlets. (1) Here is a look at some of Disney’s famous faces, pre-corruption. Britney, Christina and Justin used to be the epitome of innocent, cute child stars.

(2) Their popularity soared, their clothes came off and things got raunchy

Note Justin Timberlake’s reaction after the kiss. He clearly isn’t on the same page as his ex-Mickey Mouse club peers. He gives an obvious look of disapproval. This goes to show that females are targeted as hypersexualizing their image, and that males are left to judge. After this publicity stunt, Christina was heard saying that she was upset Britney got more attention than her as a result of the performance. Clearly, it was a calculated move, just like all the other pushes for more mature, sexual images. Christina and Britney were willing puppets to a larger force advertising the wrong image. It is interesting to compare both clips, because they represent completely different morals and values, but feature the same exact people.

A sad realization is that the icons that the media is developing for tweens today are only getting worse. When I was a tween, ABC dedicated every Friday night to programming geared towards my age group. I am sure there were some negative images being presented towards me, but nothing like what is aired today. The program was called TGIF, and it included shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Family Matters, Full House and Boy Meets World. There is no comparing Steve Urkel to Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. It is important to understand the motives behind these messages and mostly, who they are provided by. Who is forcing these teen stars to mature way too early?

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Disney’s Starlets: Too Much, Too Soon

31 Oct

There has been much controversy surrounding the hypersexualization of Disney’s young stars. Whether or not they are pushing the envelope too far is up for debate. A lot of the material on the web criticizes the teens in a negative way, while the other point of view is that people don’t mind the overdose of maturity. Because of her recent and popular transformation from Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus, the young pop sensation has been the subject of most of the recent ridicule.

This video was leaked this past week from a “friend” of Miley Cyrus’. She is seen smoking salvia, a legal drug in California with serious hallucinogenic qualities.  She appears irresponsible and out of control. This blog response goes to show how much impact this video had.  She is not representing an image that deserves to be idolized by the vulnerable tween youth.


The principles of democracy are somewhat distorted in this research. Many people don’t want young girls idolizing these rated R role models, while others don’t mind. Young girls everywhere are eager to grow up, so this is the guide they enthusiastically follow. They are the majority, and the most important party involved since they are the ones directly effected, but they are too young to make the moral judgment. Who is directing these young stars to grow up so quickly? Why do some follow, while others do not (Raven-Symone)? What is the fine line between naturally maturing and the indecent dramatization of maturation?