Maybe Disney’s Not So Bad…

1 Dec

It’s not a secret that Disney gets a lot of scrutiny for its virtual take over of our society. Children and adults alike seem to be obsessed with the Disney name and all that it has to offer. Disney is often ridiculed for being too fantastic and overly optimistic, but this may not be such a bad thing. In his article “Disney World as Structure and Symbol”, author David Johnson portrays Disney in a slightly better light than its critics.

Johnson reminds his readers that Disney World is a foundation of shared culture for people all over the world. In a day and age where the world is scary and unpredictable, Disney serves as a safe haven where people of all different ages can go retreat into their own fantasy for a while. The thematic images of work, leisure, and play, that Disney displays in their parks are familiar to the public and allow people to identify to their own lives while still getting the chance to escape. 

Johnson, David M. (March 5, 2001). Disney World as Structure and Symbol: Re-Creation of the American Experience. The Journal of Popular Culture. November 11, 2010.



One Response to “Maybe Disney’s Not So Bad…”

  1. effie724 December 15, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    It’s almost refreshing to hear a positive review of Disney. Even though now I realize the subliminal messages and aggressive marketing tactics, I still love Disney and the childhood it reminds me of.

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