Can’t Afford It? You’re Not Out of Luck

28 Nov

At least Amanda Coggin knows there’s an alternative to the magical expensive world of Disney.  Save money, introduce your kids to new characters and attractions, and still have fun!


While cost varies for different sized families and various accommodations,, a site with zero affiliation to the Disney Company, recommends sticking to the $50/person/day plan (3).  Others estimate their vacations coming out to about $1,000/person.  Seems a little excessive for a four year old who might not even remember the trip a few years down the road.  Check out this website for helpful planning tips.

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One Response to “Can’t Afford It? You’re Not Out of Luck”

  1. jyurrita4890 December 8, 2010 at 1:57 pm #

    Most children expect to go to Disney at least once in their childhood either because they are immersed in the Disney culture and want to see it themselves or because all their friends are going.This is an expensive expectation for most families and Disney does not really do anything to accomodate all the families who want to go but cant’s afford it. Considering Disney is a family oriented franchise, it should accomodate families better.

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